Saturday, 12 March 2011

Being busy body?

I am sure that most of us dislike other people who are not close to us and don't even have relation with us "take care" of our business so much.. It's kinda irritating... very frustrating and disappointing. It's truly madly deeply irritating.  The reason for that is i  have been neutral n do not bother about other people's business but why do some of these people become so busy body about me. Why must they interrupt with my life? Who are they to mind my business... They should mind their own business. I am a grown up so i know what am i doing. I know what's wrong and what's right. Yes, i should be optimist and should be able to accept flaws but this is way too much.. If it's at the surface, i can still accept but when it goes deeper and touches on many things, i can feel my blood is flowing fast and pressure's hiking up..Mmmm.. should i just kill these people???? HAHAHAHA..

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kyox said...

sabar choo~~muaks!!!!!